Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Blue Heron in action

One of the fascinating things we saw at Corkscrew was this little blue heron (same one that posed in the previous post - such a showman!). It was moving its head from side to side to see the prey it was in search of. The strategy seemed to pay off - we saw it get a few tasty fish!


  1. To me, little blues are always fun to watch. We have one that regularly hangs out in our freshwater marsh at the Caw Caw Interpretive Center. I can almost count on her being there when I stroll by with a group. It is so cool that this bird is white as a juvenile. I love to catch them molting between juvenile and adult plumage!

    Do y'all know about the Bird Education Network conference on Jekyll Island near the end of the month? Looks like fun!

  2. We'll have to check it out, thanks!